NOVA Geotechnical and Inspection Services, a leading consulting engineering firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada is seeking qualified and experienced staff to join our growing team. By joining NOVA, you become a key individual in the growth of our community by working on schools, roadways, buildings, houses and everything else that makes a city whole.

With a focus on Quality, From the Ground Up, NOVA employees become leaders in their respective fields and their own professional growth goals set the limits for their careers. We build community, have fun doing what we love to do, share passion for creating positive change and grow together as a team.

ICC Inspector / Technician

Essential job duties include:

  • Perform observations and testing
  • Write detailed reports summarizing test results and observations
  • Inform field representatives of observation and test results
  • Communicate with managers, show commitment as a team player, and organize work and manage time effectively.

Required qualifications:

  • 1+ year(s) relevant experience performing special inspections on at least one type of construction material (such as soils, masonry, concrete, structural steel)
  • Valid Nevada driver’s license
  • Registered and insured vehicle
  • MUST HAVE one of the ICC certifications (ICC Masonry, ICC Reinforced Concrete, ICC Soils)
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and excellent client relations skills

Project Engineer / Manager

Essential job duties include:

  • Provide supplemental operating policies and procedures unique to the department to ensure testing, engineering, and inspection work in the office, laboratory, and field are accomplished with high quality and in an orderly and efficient manner.
  • Participate in activities related to producing quality engineering and technical services to the client and act as senior engineer on projects where appropriate.
  • Supervise the preparation of complex proposals and quotations to clients to ensure proper scoping of services, availability of manpower and pricing to rend a profit.
  • Supervise or monitor projects in progress assigned to ensure that the work is executed on time and in accordance with the client’s requirements and within company policies, procedures and standards.
  • Supervise the efficient utilization of all facilities and equipment assigned and make requests for additional equipment and facilities as needed to meet the client’s demands.
  • Ensure that reports, proposals, inspections and information required to serve the client are properly prepared and reported. Also ensures that routine company administrative policies are followed by all department personnel such as time sheets, expense reports and purchase order requirements.
  • Assist with planning, recruiting, selecting and training of personnel assigned to individual’s projects.

Geotechnical Project / Senior Engineer

The ideal candidate will have at least a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and have a Professional Engineering license in Nevada or another state with the ability to obtain Nevada licensure within 6 months.

Essential job duties include:

  • Site reconnaissance, including geologic site reconnaissance and geotechnical exploration layout.
  • Subsurface explorations, including logging of geotechnical borings and test pit excavations.
  • Literature search and review of relevant published documents.
  • Laboratory and Field Testing (soils).
  • Laboratory and Field Audits.
  • Geotechnical calculations/evaluations, including utilizing computer software.
  • Write geotechnical reports and letters, including design evaluations and compliance letters.
  • Observe grading operations for compliance with geotechnical recommendations.
  • Under the supervision of senior management, promote services to clients, provide management to all projects to ensure that clients receive high quality technical and engineering services, and compete reports in a timely manner.
  • Supervise the utilization of all personnel, facilities and equipment assigned to the department so as to render a profit to the company and enhance its professional reputation.
  • The selected candidate will have the ability to interpret geotechnical and geologic data, have excellent writing and communication skills (both verbal and written), and have the ability to work well with others on the team and within the organization.

NOVA is an Equal Opportunity Employer

If you are interested in any of the positions listed above, please email your resume to