Environmental Services

NOVA  Geotechnical  &  Inspection  Service’s  team  of engineers, geologists and earth scientists is dedicated to  the detection,  identification,  and  remediation  of pollution  problems  resulting from the use,  storage, and   disposal of   hazardous   chemicals   and   toxic substances.  Our environmental team has extensive knowledge of Southern  Nevada’s  diverse  geologic stratigraphy.  In  addition,  we  provide consultation with respect  to  the  design  and  implementation  of production wells for state and private industry, and we routinely conduct  two  and  three-dimensional groundwater  monitoring  for  remediation  purposes. Our  staff  strives  to  direct  and/or  apply  the  latest environmental  remediation  technologies.  Our team will carefully  select  methods  and employ techniques that will   meet   the specific demands   of   your   particular   project   situation.   In addition,  many  members on  our  team  has received training in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency  Response  in  accordance  with  29  CFR and studies the latest State and Federal regulations  to  ensure  that  your  project’s  operations are   being   conducted   with   the   health and safety of the public in mind.

Project Profiles

  • Ventura Village

  • UHS Henderson Hospital

  • RailRoad Pass Casino

  • Residential & Commercial Development - Summerlin

  • US Ecology Landfill Buffer

  • Flamingo & Town Center Residential Development:

  • Faith Lutheran School

  • I-15 Remediation Monitoring

  • Commercial Evaluation

  • Blue Diamond & Fort Apache Commercial Development

  • Las Vegas Convention Center Expansion - Sierra Vista Apartments