Slip Meter Testing

Slip Meter Testing is used to test floors for the Coefficient of Friction. Following the American National Standard Test Method (ANSI) for measuring the dynamic coefficient of friction of hard surface flooring materials, NOVA generates a sampling plan that will be a representative of the project scope area using a Bot 3000e. Once random sample locations are chosen, NOVA uses the Bot 3000e to perform the test and generate the numbers for each sample location. Once all the randomly selected areas are complete, NOVA will provide a report highlighting areas that fall below the ANSI standard along with a sample location map displaying areas of concern.


While constructing a large warehouse in North Las Vegas, Amazon retained NOVAs environmental department to test and ascertain information regarding the smoothness of concrete floors for portions of their distribution center. As Amazon moves forward with technology and innovation, much of the distribution center relies on robots that run along the warehouse factory floor. Amazon designed portions of the floor to have a specified coefficient of friction. NOVA was tasked using a Bot 3000e to test multiple floors of the warehouse for the coefficient of friction and design a map highlighting areas of concern that fell outside of Amazon’s requirements.


One of the major attractions in the heart of Las Vegas, the Fremont Street Experience is the heart and soul of sin city. NOVA was retained to perform slip meter testing along portions of the Fremont Street Experience to test for the coefficient of friction. With a Bot 3000e, NOVA was able to areas that fell below the ANSI Standard for outdoor flooring. NOVA was able to provide Fremont Street Experience with the information they need to keep the 19 million visitors safe from slip and falls.