Geotechnical Engineering

NOVA Geotechnical & Inspection Services, with Mr. Martin Jensen, P.E., Mr. Mark Owens, and Mr. Larry Snedegar, P.E., will provide your project with high-quality geotechnical services as demanded by your project’s jurisdiction. In addition to providing sound design and expert consulting services, our engineers also have years of experience in providing a variety of pre- and post- construction services. Many owners, construction managers and other construction professionals have counted on NOVA’s Geotechnical Engineering team to provide solid geotechnical engineering, geotechnical testing and inspection services during the construction process. Whether we are providing geotechnical design, on-site testing and/or inspection, or third party documentation of geotechnical construction, our geotechnical engineering team provides valuable and cost saving consultation throughout every stage of your project.

Project Profiles

  • The Downtown Grand

  • Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino

  • Main & Commerce One Way Couplet

  • Lake Mead Pedestrian Trail Bridge

  • Sandhill Trailhead / Park

  • Las Vegas Wash Middle Branch

  • Las Vegas Wash Detention Basin Structure Repairs

  • Muddy River Riverine

  • Boulder Beach Highway